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Contact us at: (Mailing Address) LLC
Jerry and Bonnie Claxton
3635 Santa Elena Cir
Corona, CA 92882-7913

Property Address:
1113 Mount Whitney Dr
Big Bear City, CA. 92882

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Road Conditions
Go here to check on driving conditions: i.e. are chains required?
The roads you are going to want to check are highways 18, 38, and the 330

Skiing and
Mountain Biking
Snow Summit and Bear Mountain resorts are under the control of one company and are known as Big Bear Mountain Resorts. Check it out, including live cams! They offer snow skiing during the winter and mountain biking during the summer. Yes you can use the lifts to go up the hill and ride down. How cool is that?
Do you need
an Adventure Pass?
Click here to find out if you need one. You donít need one while at the cabin, but, you might need one if you venture into one of the park areas.  
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